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Fresh Start X Freight Genie Masterclass

The Ultimate Fresh Start X Freight Genie Collborative Masterclass

TRUST OUR TIRES. Everything runs like clockwork.
Your business runs smoothly when your logistics run smoothly

Fresh Start Freight is committed to offering you masterclass knowledge when it comes to running and operating your freight brokerage. With an exclusive collaboration with Freight Genie, we offer you industry-exclusive knowledge and insight, train you on how to operate your own freight brokerage, and offer you support along the way!

Fresh Start Freight has over 80+ years of combined experience in the transportation and logistics industry. We’ve seen the in’s and out’s of the game, and we’ve helped 100’s of people start their own carriers and freight brokerages.

With Fresh Start Freight, not only will you get access to live session training, e-books, and recorded course materials, but we’ll help you with licensing filing, BOC-3 filing, give you daily leads, shipper lists, and much more!

At Fresh Start Freight, we’re not just selling you a course, we’re building a community of individuals looking for a fresh start in life through the transportation industry.

Fresh Freight Genie Masterclass


2000/6 Months

With: 90 Days or 6 months you choose! Mentorship, Personal one on one training and group training.
  • 1. 16 training Videos
  • 2. The actual book sent to you Build Your Own Freight Broker Business
  • 3. A Certificate of completion
  • 4. All the forms and contract need.
  • 5. Zoom classes to get you going.
  • 6. Shippers list to build your book of business.
  • 7. BOC 3 and Freight broker License filing assistance.
  • 8. Daily Freight list.
  • 9. Wireless Mouse
  • 10. Mouse Pad
  • 11. Brand New Chrome Book computer
  • 12. Briefcase
  • 13. Calculator and portfolio
  • 14. Daily shipper leads.
  • 15. Work as an agent for us immediately

Frequently asked questions

Can I make money as a Freight Broker?

The national average salary for a freight broker in the United States is $62,105 per year, with an average additional compensation of $28,000 per year for commissions. Many factors influence the salary of a freight broker, especially location. Those employed in larger cities typically earn more than those employed in rural areas. Freight brokers with a good reputation and years of experience can also earn more than novice brokers.

Can I become a Freight Broker without a college education?

Yes! A typical freight broker’s job does not need much education. Some employers will ask for a high school diploma or a GED. Earning a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field can make you a more competitive job candidate.

Can I become a freight agent/broker with a felony record?

Yes! That is why we have the “Golden Phoenix Project

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